YOOtheme PRO Advanced Filtering Add-on

2 Level Filtering

2 Level Group filtering for pages/posts/products or even custom post types and custom taxonimies.

YOOtheme Element

The add-on also provides a ready-to-use element which allows the developer to add grids with filtering enabled which shows parent categories as labels and their children as clickable tabs.

Easy to customize

CSS Root Selector: .yma-filter-element

Easy to customize every part of the element.

i.e. .yma-filter-element li.uk-active a {background-color:red} turns active filter tab to red.


The plugin works perfectly with dynamic content. But you can also add some custom grids on your website but the grid item must be linked to a page/post/product in which the taxonomy is active.

IMPORTANT:  Each grid item needs to have a link that corresponds to a page/post/custom post type/product with the taxonomy entered inside the element

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